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Childrens Dental Examination

Banyule Dental Greensborough

Childrens Dental Examination

Regular dental check ups are essential for growing children in order to maintain healthy teeth and happy smiles. At Banyule Dental we offer a range of children’s dental treatments including our dental examination and check up.

Call our friendly Banyule dental team on (03) 9435 2966 to make an appointment.

We recommend children have regular preventative care appointments at least yearly and sometimes twice yearly.

If your child is more at risk of developing dental problems then you may need to book more frequent appointments with our Greensborough dentist.

During dental examination our dentists will thoroughly but gently examine your child’s teeth, jaws and oral tissues and if necessary will recommend suitable treatments.

They will professionally clean your child’s teeth and can recommend the best way to keep them clean at home. We will take digital dental x-rays when necessary as these show areas of the mouth normally hidden from view and are essential in providing a more complete picture of your child’s current level of oral health.

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